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What has God done for you?

Sis Carla

The weekend getaway was a true blessing for me and I experienced a might move of God.

I went on the getaway with a spirit of great expectation. I was believing God for healing for my daughter who was scheduled for surgery on Friday morning, healing in my life and a stronger tongue.

Thursday night when the "PJ Warfare prayer session " concluded , we all left Apostle Toyin's suite and went to our room. Approximately 4:30 am , I woke up out of my sleep speaking in tongues which had never happen before.  I was in Extreme pain which made child birth feel like a tickle.  I moaned in pain for quite some time but could not cry out or speak... but I was hoping that my roommate pastor Laura would hear me in pain and assist me, but she was fast asleep. I felt like I was fighting for my life. The pain intensified and I felt a strong pulling in my womb which felt like someone was pulling something out of me. This went on for quite sometime but eventually the pain stopped and it was as though nothing ever happen to a certain degree. There was a peace that came over my body once the pain stopped , that I can't explain and I my body felt light ... I had experienced deliverance

 and bondages were loosed, yokes were destroyed and the hand of God in my life was evident.

Friday morning during our group session, I received a call from my daughter and she told me that the doctor canceled the surgery. I praise God for his hand on my daughters life and I thank him for confirming his word that said "my seed is blessed".

I bless the name of Jesus ! I thank God for what he has done in my life , what he is doing and what he is about to do.    Our God is indeed a good good father, and worthy to be praise.

Deaconess Tahesha

Giving HONOR to GOD, My Bishop, My Apostle, Pastors, Ministers and Members of WRC
I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU  LORD….(even though the enemy tried to separate us ha,ha,ha who does he think he is)….I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU LORD…All GLORY belongs to him!!!
I AM a PROUD mother of  two ( a daughter and a son); my daughter, Takara took the postal exam before she told me (of course) she was nervous I asked her what do you want GOD to do and we PRAYED. Long story short, she scored a 99% and got hired at the post office with full benefits etc. This E-learning was a struggle for me and my son, but GOD.  My son Malachi is a 2020 middle school graduate going to high school with honors. WRC I’m sooooooooo grateful for all of your PRAYERS....REMEMBER, no matter WHAT EVER IS GOING ON...LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!!!!

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